ЦурлиЦхерри Фрее Цам Схов 100%

- First of all, be NICE, because eather I don’t treat you like a fool. - Offensive remarks are PROHIBITED, except in the case of a private show. - I DON'T negociate about my prices! - READ RULES OF THE SITE, to don't ask things which are not allowed! - Do not force the use of OTHER external online platforms! My and your private lives DON'T BELONG to each other. - If you want to send tips/money, you can do HERE. Don’t offer a pathetically bold royalty on another referral route because I will report you! - I do NOT offer escort services, either in my home or elsewhere. No need to force it, I won't say yes :) - As a woman and model, I am NOT obligated to comply with your requests in a public room. Especially if you’re ashamed to give me a tip as well... - Please DO NOT USE these words, they make me alergic reactions (in any laguages): mom/mommy, slut/whore. I will warn you once, next step will be the ban for lifetime. Thanks, Amy

ЦурлиЦхерри Пошаљи поруку

Последње извођење: пон, 25. септембар, 19:17
  • Име ЦурлиЦхерри
  • Пол Женски
  • старост 36
  • Категорија Зрела женка
  • висина КСНУМКС см
  • тежина Н кг
  • Боја косе kesten
  • Мера 95-120-120
  • Боја очију Лешник
  • Схов Моде бесплатно
  • Етничка припадност бео
  • Језик (и) Енглески


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